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Determination of N/Protein Content by the Dumas Method

Long Reagent Lifetimes Provide Reliable Results with Minimum Cost and Effort

Increased laboratory efficiency at significantly lower price per sample. The rapid MAX N exceed is the first N/protein analyzer acc. to the Dumas method utilizing the highly successful EAS REGAINER technology in combination with crucible-technology.

Faster, more precise, cost-saving, and eco-friendly. The rapid N exceed sets new standards in protein analysis according to the Dumas method.

One of the largest costs of N/Protein analysis by Dumas combustion is the removal of the exce

Nitrogen or protein content is a critical factor in the quality and cost of food and feed products. This important analysis requires methods and instrumentation that are reliable, robust, and capable of processing large numbers of samples for the lowest possible cost.

Our N/protein analyzers use the high-temperature combustion method according to Dumas, which has clear advantages over the wet-chemical Kjeldahl method regarding laboratory safety, sample throughput, labor time, and thus cost-per-analysis. Our analyzers for the determination of nitrogen and protein are dedicated instruments serving today’ s customer needs in regards to price-per-sample, throughput and sensitivity.

N/Protein analyzers from Elementar provide the following benefits:

  • Determination of nitrogen/protein content according to the Dumas method compliant with many international standards, including AOAC, ICC and ISO
  • Large dynamic range of element concentrations from ppm up to 100%
  • Reduced maintenance and consumables costs thanks to EAS REGAINER® technology
  • Stable, matrix-independent multipoint calibration
  • User-friendly design, e.g. sample feeding during operation as well as routine maintenance without tools
  • Low costs for investment and analysis
  • Resource-saving auto sleep and wake-up mode
  • 10 years lifetime guarantee on furnace and detector cell

N/Protein analyzers from Elementar are the ideal solution for:

  • Private food production facilities
  • Food analysis contract laboratories
  • Public food and farming laboratories
  •  Academic research groups

and are designed to analyze samples like e.g.:

  • Food & beverage
  • Food supplement
  • Animal feed
  • Pet food
  • Fertilizer

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