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Cables and Connectors for the Food and Beverage Industry

Wherever food is involved, hygiene is at the top of the agenda.

Andreas Bauer, Paul Helsen
Lapp Group

Definition of Food & Beverage zones.

Lapp Group

Food is in direct contact with equipment and electrical components.

Lapp Group

Drips or splashes of food could return to the food manufacturing process, causing contamination.

Lapp Group

No contact with food.

Wherever food is involved, hygiene is at the top of the agenda. Production facilities should therefore be produced according to the principles of Hygienic Design. Cables, connectors and cable glands play an important role in the process.

Minimising downtime, ensuring quality, providing maximum safety for employees – while these are priorities in all industrial sectors, they are particularly important in food production. In the food and beverage industry, if the processing of perishable foodstuffs ceases it not only leads to profit losses but also high costs from waste disposal and recommencing production. Another extremely important factor for the industry is quality – if the quality is inadequate, consumers are not only dissatisfied, they are also at risk of developing health problems.

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