New Water, Food and Environmental Analytics Catalog

Test Kits, Instruments and Accessories

New Water, Food and Environmental Analytics Catalog

When the task is to maintain and improve the quality of life, even the slightest error could have detrimental effects on consumers and producers.

The new Merck catalog for Water and Food Analytics provides clear, compact, up-to-date information on over 500 new and existing products from Merck Millipore and Sigma-Aldrich portfolio & features:

  • Instruments: Mobile & benchtop photometry, colorimetry, turbidimetry
  • Test sets and strips, reflectometry
  • Certified Reference Standards
  • Various complementary products needed for water, food and environ-mental analytics (e.g. GC, HPLC, Inorganics, CRMs, Microbiology)
  • Workflows for different customer applications
  • Tables for regulations on drinking water and EPA
  • QR codes link to eshop, Microsite or Product pages
  • environmental analytics

  • water analysis

  • turbidimetry

  • inorganics

  • colorimetry

  • microbiology

  • photometry

  • photometers

  • turbidimeters

  • colorimeters

  • reflectometry

  • GC accessories

  • food analytics

  • beverage analytics

  • certified reference materials

  • test kits

  • HPLC accessories

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