PerkinElmer LAS (Germany) GmbH


PerkinElmer is a global technology leader with a presence in over 150 countries. With a unique team of 9000 employees, we focus on driving change to improve people's health and protect the environment.

Through our innovative and high-quality analytical equipment, software and services, our customers gain important insights and expertise every day to make better decisions for better results. Our solutions enable earlier detection of disease, more effective therapeutics, cleaner air and water, and safer food - for a better quality of life. Our experienced laboratory service organization helps maximize laboratory productivity. It is a leader in providing comprehensive laboratory management services for analytical instruments from a wide range of manufacturers.

PerkinElmer empowers scientists to identify, monitor and manage the contaminants and toxic chemicals that threaten our environment and food supply. We help to address safety and compliance issues and protect people.

- A clean and safe environment: Every year, our detection solutions are used to analyze around 2.25 billion air, water and soil samples to reduce the risk of contamination.

- Rapid analysis: We are a leading provider of analytical techniques, including inorganic, molecular spectroscopy, thermal analysis and gas chromatography, for rapid and accurate analysis of food and pharmaceutical samples.

- Safer food: Food manufacturers use our systems to detect and screen important factors such as food fraud, food safety and quality - to protect customers and the integrity of their brand.

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