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QualySense, a young and innovative Swiss company, has invented the QSorter® technology, a sophisticated high-speed single-kernel robot, which measures the compositional and physical quality of each seed or grain at very high speed and sorts, from 30 to 3'000 per second. Thanks to it, you can now solve great purity challenges or create premium foods and drinks. The sensing technology of the QSorter® technology is based on High Resolutions Spectroscopy and 3D Vision sensors; various types of algorithms are used to generate an enormous quantity of data that can be utilised to optimise the breeding, quality control and processing of seeds, grains and beans. The company has been founded in 2010 and it has pioneered this breakthrough technology along the most prestigious institutes in USA and Switzerland and today it counts customers all over the world.

Facts about QualySense
  • Founding: 2010
  • Focus : Manufacturer

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