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mibic GmbH & Co KG develops and distributes a unique combination of hardware and software for the fast and highly sensitive determination of individual microorganisms. The basis is the elegant interlocking of optical image analysis and Raman spectroscopy in combination with a self-learning decision system for germ classification and species determination.

mibic develops and supplies the basic technology for the award-winning RamanBioAssay, RBA, for the rapid determination of antibiotic resistance. The RBA system provides a reliable resistogram within a few hours, helping the physician select the right therapy.

mibicĀ“s The first own product is the further development of the multiple award-winning "bio particle explorer" into the GRAM-RAY total solution for microbial isolation and identification. The GRAM-RAY system offers the world's fastest system for the detection of critical spoilage germs and thus achieves the highest sample throughput at a sensationally low price.

The groundbreaking GRAM-RAY solution for beverage production and filling includes: Sample preparation with inexpensive substrate system and evaluation unit for up to 288 samples per day with the result at the touch of a button: number of germs and their species.

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  • Founding: 2018
  • Focus : Manufacturer

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