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As a commercial laboratory for isotope analysis, Imprint Analytics GmbH specialises in determining the origin, identity and authenticity of products and raw materials. Since its foundation in late 2012, Imprint Analytics has been the competent partner of industrial companies in a variety of sectors. Isotope analysis is becoming increasingly important in many fields such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textiles and agricultural products, to name but a few. The company uses cutting-edge technology to carry out high-precision analyses in a strictly quality-controlled environment at its own accredited laboratory located at the company's facility in Neutal in Burgenland, Austria. A multidisciplinary international team of experienced experts in the fields of isotope analysis, isotope labelling and quality management determines the relationships of stable isotopes within a product and interprets these with professional expertise. Moreover, Imprint Analytics also cooperates with experienced laboratories so that it can offer its customers the additional single-source services of varietal identity and purity verification and identification of the GMO status of foods.

Facts about Imprint Analytics
  • Founding: 2013
  • Focus : laboratory
  • Industry : analytics

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