Hey Koala GmbH


Hey Koala! You want to know which hangover heads are behind the after party drink Luloco?

We are Ruben and Timon Heymann. The founders of the food start-up Hey!Koala. As brothers we are not only connected by our last name but also by our passion for partying. Preferably with and for MSV Duisburg, the football club of our hometown. Or with our own teammates in the district league. And everyone knows that people toast with beer more often here than on the pitch. Original idea of Luloco

As a native Ruhrpottler we are not only very drinkable but also open-minded. Wanderlust has already driven us to many countries around the world. Even Colombia. But because the salsa hip swing only becomes really smooth with a certain level, Ruben often complained in the morning about the usual "I'm too old for this shit" symptoms. And that's when he met this "Lulo" for the first time, whose juice magically made him feel like he was in his early 20s again. Why doesn't this actually exist in Germany? Instead of getting annoyed about it, we decided to take it into our own hands in the classic doer's manner - and that was the beginning of our after party drink. Painting by numbers or numbers instead of painting?

Even though we have a lot in common, we are very different in some things. For example, in our choice of profession. While Ruben first deepened his marketing knowledge with an apprenticeship and then with a Bachelor's and Master's degree, Timon also devoted himself to everything that has to do with numbers, first in an apprenticeship and finally in his Bachelor's degree. The other way round would be a fiasco, admittedly. But together we are the perfect team for our start-up "Hey!Koala". Why "Hey!Koala"?

Ok, of course you also want to know what the name is all about. Hey! is the abbreviation of our last name - and Koala? Well, even with us tough guys from the pot the softie gets through. After a trip through Australia together, we simply fell in love with these cuddly bears.