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Edinburgh - Startup Summit 2018

The Startup Summit is a one day dive into all things startup, exploring the ever changing landscape of business, surviving in the startup world and growing into a thriving business We bring the global eco-system to Scotland's historic capital. Across multiple stages, in one venue, we're giving ...


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7th International Fresenius Conference "Food Allergens"

Highlights Food allergy – clinical background and food allergen risk assessment - Clinical aspects of food allergy - Available threshold data, including iFAAM - From clinical thresholds to risk based action levels - Priorisation of allergenic foods with respect to public health relevance - ...


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RMI ANALYTICS “Heirloom & Terroir Barley and Malt Symposium" and the "Heirloom Malt Brewing Award 2018”

The Past as Prologue for Modern Brewers?

Yes, modern brewing barley varieties have a long past reaching back all the way to antiquity! With an ever widening demand by brewers for malt variety and with new environmental and climatic challenges facing many regions in the barley growing latitudes, breeders are now looking at the genetic ...


Corporate Startup Summit & Award 2018

A two days conference on Corporate Startup Engagement, Collaboration & Co-Creation, Incubation & Acceleration and Intrapreneurship. The European platform #1 supports all Innovation Managers, Digital Leaders, Intrapreneurs and Change Makers in making a real impact everyday. 150+ participants ...


The Global Food Safety Conference

The GFSI Global Food Safety Conference is a unique annual event bringing together over 1,000 leading food safety specialists from over 50 countries to advance Food Safety globally. The Conference provides the opportunity to meet and network with industry peers, share knowledge, benefit from ...


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Global Food Summit 2019

Foodtropolis - Will Cities Shape our Perception of Food and Nature?

Milk without cows, meat without cattle and greens without soil – the agriculture of the future won’t take place in sheds or on fields, but in urban nutrition laboratories in the heart of our cities. Sounds like science fiction, but is already reality. Even in Germany. Shrimp cultured in ...


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