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Food safety

One of the key tasks for food producers is to ensure that the consumption of food is absolutely safe for the final consumer. In order to exclude health impairments or damages, different measures and concepts interlock. This ranges from food hygiene to foreign object detection and batch tracing.


Companies Food Safety

Bruker BioSpin GmbH, Germany

World's leading manufacturer of NMR and ESR spectrometers. Comprehensive product range from simple routine equipment to top research equipment. Optimized NMR configurations for metabolism, toxicology and protein structure studies. more

Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH, Germany

ELEMENTAR Analysensysteme is the worldwide leading German manufacturer of analytical instruments for non-metallic elements like carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, hydrogen, oxygen or chlorine in all organic and the majority of inorganic substances. Arisen from the Analytical Instrumentation Department of th more



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Products Food Safety

Checkweigher Flexus® - Hygienic design meets flexibility and maximum performance

Hygienic design for easy cleaning and the highest level of quality in your production operations ✓ Safety and reliability thanks to EMFC load cell technology ✓ more

Increased food safety. Less waste. Metal detection with Artificial Intelligence.

ncreased food safety, less product recalls: detects significantly smalle metal contaminations ✓ Less food waste: THiNK fades out product effects, minimizing unwanted false rejections ✓ Detects metallic contaminations even in metallized packaging more

Metal detection system Vistus® - Reliable foreign object detection

Vistus® metal detectors are capable of detecting both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and are specifically designed for the food industry more

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Videos Food Safety

Validate Sterilization, Pasteurization and Freeze-Drying with the HACCP data loggers testo 191

The regular monitoring and documentation of temperature and pressure in thermal preservation processes is crucial for the quality and safety of the foods being preserved. In order to support you in this responsible task, we developed the testo 191 HACCP data logger system. Thanks to our decades of e more

Checkweigher Essentus® - The versatile checkweigher series with great savings potentials

The dynamic checkweigher Essentus® with its wide range of options can be tailored to individual application profiles. No matter whether for heavy or light products or in which industry: customers can choose exactly the checkweigher that suits their application. There is great potential for savings i more

Increased food safety. Less waste. Metal detection with Artificial Intelligence.

Metal detectors help food manufacturers and processors to detect metal contaminants in food before they reach the consumer. This increases food safety and helps in certification according to common food standards such as IFS, BRC, SQF or FSSC22000. Especially in the case of foods that have a strong more

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News Food Safety

  • Food safety crises at smaller restaurant chains can hurt giants

    A recent study published in the International Journal of Hospitality Management found that a theoretical crisis at one restaurant made people hesitant to eat at other restaurants even though they were not directly involved in the event. The negative spillover effect was also greater from the bottom more

  • Solve food fraud efficiently and cost-effectively

    Counterfeit food, in particular false information about geographical origin, causes billions of dollars in economic damage every year. Botanists at the University of Basel have now developed a model that can be used to determine the origin of food efficiently and cost-effectively. Strawberries from more

  • Bright idea: new LEDs can detect off food and lethal gases

    Your smart device could soon be even smarter with a new infrared light emitting diode (LED) that is ‘tuneable’ to different wavelengths of light – it could enable your fridge to tell you when your food is going off and your phone to tell you if that Gucci purse is real. The technology has been devel more

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White papers Food Safety

News on Food: 2020 Innovations for Food & Beverage Safety

This special News on Food edition highlights the 2020 innovations in food and beverage safety testing in both microbial and chemical testing labs more

Making sure that the contents match the label!

Origin analysis has never been more important than it is now. The authenticity of food is a key factor in consumers' purchasing decisions. more

Food Safety Utilising Pure Compressed Air

One of the essential tasks in today´s food production is ensuring the safety of food by using oil- and germ-free compressed air more

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