09-Mar-2020 - Roquette Frères

Speed-up your Go-to-Market

Food Ingredients Anywhere, Anytime, in the USA

Anytime, anywhere in the United States of America, customers can search, filter, select, sample, quote and purchase plant-based ingredient solutions all in one place as low as 25kg bags.

To better answer customers’ needs for more convenience, more innovation and faster go-to-market, Roquette now offers our ingredients on digital marketplace for our US food customers.

The company collaborates with Knowde, the cutting edge innovative marketplace for ingredients, to offer a simplified digital customer experience. You can search, filter, sample, quote and purchase all in one place. Ordering products from Roquette is now easier than ever.

More convenient

  • Connect anywhere, anytime to the digital marketplace
  • Tailored orders, 25 kg bag as the minimum order quantity
  • Placing, managing and tracking orders is simple

Speed up your go-to-market

  • New ingredients to foster your innovation 
  • Fast delivery (less than 10 working days)
  • Several freight options (automated and cost-effective freight service)
  • Real-time ordering and shipment notification
  • Helps you accelerate the time to market

Enhanced online customer experience

  • New ways to improve and enhance our customer engagement
  • Delivers a fully featured, beautifully designed experience
  • Sales and technical teams available online 
  • Cutting edge platform where you can research, engage with and buy our products


Explore new potentials and get inspired with our wide range of plant-based solutions. Roquette helps you create unique, tasty and nutritious food with ease. Save time and enjoy a leading-edge online experience.

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