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Of apples and oil pumpkins: News from microbiome research

On the trail of the universal apple microbiome


The extent to which the composition of the microbiome of apples and oil pumpkins depends on the geography of the location and what insights can be derived from this for breeding, health and shelf life of the fruits is shown in two recent publications by researchers at TU Graz. The microbiome is ...


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Popeye with a whiff of rotten eggs

A sulfosugar from green vegetables promotes the growth of important gut bacteria


An international team of scientists led by microbiologists Alexander Loy from the University of Vienna and David Schleheck from the University of Konstanz has uncovered new metabolic capabilities of gut bacteria. For the first time, the researchers have analyzed how microbes in the gut process ...


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Kellogg sells majority stake in Verival


After 4.5 years of successful cooperation, the US food company Kellogg and the Tyrolean organic breakfast brand Verival have agreed to end their partnership. Kellogg is selling its majority 51% stake in the organic company back to its founder, Austrian entrepreneur Wolfgang Fojtl. Both partners ...


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Again and again the discussion: Is vegan nutrition sensible in top-class sport?

No "leeks" and successful in top-class sport - what vegetarians have to watch out for


As far as nutrition is concerned, today more than ever you are confronted with a flood of information from the net, from bloggers, doctors or self-proclaimed experts, some of whom give questionable recommendations on nutrition in sports. In the following, the nutrition experts and scientists from ...


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Resistant rice plants

TU Graz identifies bacterium that protects rice plants from disease


With their microbiome expertise, the researchers at the Institute of Environmental Biotechnology were able to demonstrate how a specific bacterium inside the seeds of rice plants effectively inhibits destructive plant pathogens in an environmentally friendly manner. Rice is the staple food for ...


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Green light for sugar refinery in Leopoldsdorf to continue operations in 2021

38,200 hectares of beet-growing area for 2021 make it possible to continue efficiently processing sugar beet


Due to growing contracts concluded for 2021 covering over 38,200 hectares, the processing of sugar beet at both sugar refineries in Austria is commercially viable. For this reason, the Supervisory Board of AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG approved the continuing operation of the Leopoldsdorf site at its ...


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Sugar sweetness fills?

What taste research reveals


To date, little is known about the extent to which the taste perception of sugar contributes to satiation. A recent study by Austrian and German scientists* led by Veronika Somoza and Barbara Lieder now provides new insights into the relationship between the sweet taste of sugar, energy intake ...


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Mondi shines by winning two awards for sustainable food packaging

Two products developed using Mondi’s EcoSolutions approach have been recognised


Mondi, a leading global packaging and paper manufacturer, has been recognised in this year’s Austrian Green Star Packaging Awards for two recent sustainable packaging innovations developed using its customer-centric approach, EcoSolutions: PerFORMing - paper-based packaging with special barrier ...


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Searching for stress-resistant potatoes

EU-Project "ADAPT" studies potato’s adaption mechanisms to multiple stresses


Plant Biologist Markus Teige at the Faculty of Life Sciences of the University of Vienna has received a €5 million grant from the Horizon 2020 EU Program to study mechanisms how potato’s adapt to multiple environmental stresses. He coordinates a consortium of 17 European leading academic research ...


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Fish allergy: collagen often overlooked as an important allergen

Study shows importance for comprehensive diagnosis of fish allergy


The number of people throughout the world who suffer from a fish allergy is constantly increasing. The collagen contained in fish is an important allergen for many sufferers but is present in insufficient quantities in most commercially available diagnostic tests based on aqueous extracts of ...


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