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5 Current news from South Africa


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Why South African moms buy commercial milk formula when breast is best


This is amongst the findings of the 2023 LancetSeries on Breastfeeding, which comprises three papers launched in South Africa on 10 February and in the UK on 8 February. The Series interrogates baby formula companies’ exploitative marketing playbook and the commercial formula lobby. It highlights ...


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Why wild African fruits can supplement low protein staple foods


In the line-up of wild African fruits, the marula is the best known. For thousands of years, people have depended on the trees for food, medicines, and more. It is also exported globally as the rockstar ingredient of a cream liqueur. The fruit is a success story far beyond the savannas and ...


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Bitter fight for green gold

Avocado Mafia plunders plantations empty


In South Africa, organized crime has discovered a new, lucrative business field: the trade in "green gold". Since avocados have become increasingly popular in Europe, a battle has broken out over them. "My biggest fear is that the situation will tip: that there will be deaths," says Zander Ernst. ...


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Scarce vanilla harvest


The important ice-cream ingredient vanilla is showing a lower harvest and thus persistently high prices. "We expect the harvest to be 20 to 25 percent lower than last year," said Georges Geeraerts, head of Madagascar's vanilla export association, in an initial assessment of yields in the world's ...


Contaminated food in South Africa kills 180 in last year


Several southern African countries have recalled some processed meats from South Africa after the deaths of 180 people there from contaminated food since early last year. The African News Agency reported Tuesday that Swaziland, Zambia and Mozambique are among nations that have ordered the ...


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