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Study on the toxicity of pesticides in Germany sees need for action


Pesticide risks in Germany have changed significantly over the past 25 years, as scientists from the Rhineland-Palatinate Technical University Kaiserslautern-Landau (RPTU) report in a recently published study. The risks for terrestrial vertebrates decreased during this time, but those for fish, ...


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How to determine quality criteria such as wine colour easily and quickly with a new test system

A photometer that uses certain wavelengths of light to determine the colour of the wine


Swirling the wine in the glass, holding it against the light and smelling it. There are many criteria that determine the quality of the wine. Not only is this important when the wine is already bottled and on the supermarket shelves, but above all during production, when it is still fermenting. ...


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Contaminants in food and the development of colorectal cancer

Two prizes for toxicology at the TU Kaiserslautern


Manuel Haas, who is doing his doctorate in the Department of Chemistry under Professor Dr. Jörg Fahrer, has received the Young Investigator Award from Thieme Verlag for his presentation at the "German PharmTox Summit" symposium. Haas is conducting research on certain plant substances, the ...


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Achema 2018: Beer Brewing - Brewing Residues for Sustainable Use


In 2016, every German drank about 104 liters of beer on average. During the preparation of this beer, a lot of residues are generated, approx. 400,000 tons per year throughout Europe. Only a small portion of those residues is used for animal feed. How this waste can be used sustainably, e.g. as ...


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