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The attractive tomato

Research team from Göttingen investigates buying behaviour on the basis of various characteristics


Tomatoes are the most consumed vegetables in Germany. The supermarket offers a variety of different varieties. Consumers, however, are usually unaware of the differences and may choose a variety that they do not like. A research team from the University of Göttingen examined tomato ...


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Every second consumer would buy products from vertical agriculture

Göttingen agricultural scientists investigate acceptance of novel floor cultivation systems


Rising population numbers and poorer weather conditions due to climate change make it difficult to produce sufficient healthy and fresh food. Vertical agriculture could make a contribution to solving this problem. Here the vegetables and fruit are grown on top of each other in tiers. This system ...


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Is it okay to eat animals?


May humans use animals? And if so, what does an ethically correct treatment of animals look like? The positions on such philosophical questions range from the original anthropocentrism, according to which man may deal with animals as he wishes, to abolitionism, which completely rejects the use of ...


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Where do the best strawberries grow?


Agricultural production benefits enormously from flower-visiting bees and other flower-visiting insects. Because of their supply of flowering plants and opportunities for nesting, hedgerows and the edges of forests represent important habitats for pollinators. A team from the departments of ...


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Foods of the future

Researchers investigate acceptability and taste of microalgae as an ingredient


A steadily growing world population brings with it an increasing demand for protein-rich food. Since meat production cannot be increased indefinitely, scientists have been seeking to establish alternative protein sources. Researchers at the University of Göttingen are currently investigating the ...


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Converting rainforest into palm oil plantations

Goettingen scientists analyse the effects


Palm oil has become part of our daily lives: it is used in cosmetics, biofuels and much of the food we eat. But a recent study by the University of Göttingen serves as a reminder that although intensive farming leads to cheaper products, the environmental and social costs are high. This study by ...


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