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NIR spectroscopy

NIR spectroscopy is the ideal tool for food analysis because it allows a quick and deep insight into the composition of food without having to destroy or prepare the samples.


Companies NIR Spectroscopy

Gesellschaft für Analysentechnik HLS, Germany


Deutsche METROHM GmbH & Co. KG, Germany


ZEUTEC Opto-Elektronik GmbH, Germany

The ZEUTEC Opto-Elektronik GmbH was primarily founded with the objective to develop and produce specialized spectrometer systems for scientific applications. Since then the product range of spectrometers and accessories covers NearInfrared analyzers for routine laboratory applications with a multitu more

Products NIR Spectroscopy

Analyse Inconsistent Food Samples in Less Than 5 Seconds

The Finder SD Rotator is ideally suited for non-destructive quantitative and qualitative analysis of organic materials by near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) more

Take your feed analysis to the next level with NIR

With the FOSS NIRS™ DS2500, near infrared analysis has taken yetanother step towards ultimate performance. more

MPA II - the FT-NIR spectrometer for a rapid analysis of foodstuffs

The MPA II covers a wide range of food applications including dairy, oil and meat but also flour & milling, confectionary, condiments and beverages. more

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News NIR Spectroscopy

  • AMA Innovation Award 2019 for compact Plan B analyzer

    The AMA Association for Sensor and Measurement Technology (AMA) awarded the AMA Innovation Prize 2019 to the founding team of Senorics GmbH on June 25 at the SENSOR+TEST in Nuremberg. The newly developed, compact analysis device 'Plan B' convinced the jury twice. Plan B' wins the AMA Innovation Awar more

  • IFFA 2019 – Hot Topic: Food Safety

    From 4 to 9 May 2019, leading international companies will be presenting their latest technologies at IFFA and providing information about the most important trends and developments in the meat-processing industry. Of central importance are, above all, solutions designed to ensure greater food safet more

  • Pocket-size food scanner

    According to a study by the environmental organization WWF Germany, ten million metric tons of food are thrown in the garbage every year in Germany despite still being edible. A mobile food scanner will allow consumers and supermarket operators in the future to test whether food items have gone bad. more

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White papers NIR Spectroscopy

Fast And Accurate Quality Evaluation of Fruits Thanks to Smart Spectroscopy

Significantly better sorting results by combining traditional spectroscopy with advanced statistics and machine learning more


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