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Tough? Fatty? Fibrous? Thorough Sample Homogenization The Easy Way

The New Grindomix Gm 200 Homogenizes Even Difficult Samples Quickly and Effectively

Knife Mill GRINDOMIX GM 200

Convenient 4.3 '' Touch Display

Accessories include various lids, containers and knives

MyRETSCH web portal with comprehensive product and application information

The GRINDOMIX GM 200 is ideally suited for the homogenization of dry, oily, fatty, soft and tough sample materials - for analysis results with minimum standard deviation.

The model GM 200, which accepts sample volumes up to 700 ml, has been completely revised and updated. The powerful 1000 W drive and the innovative Boost function allow for very quick and efficient grinding even of difficult samples like tough meat with skin or fibrous plants. The new mill is controlled via a user-friendly 4.3 '' touch display and permits storage of parameter combinations and program sequences.

The GM 200 is the first RETSCH mill with direct access to the new MyRETSCH web portal containing a wealth of product and application information, such as grinding protocols, operating manuals, application videos or tips&trips documents. The user simply needs to scan the QR code in the display to get access.

Benefits new GM 200:

  • Convenient operation via 4.3” touch display
  • Homogenization even of difficult samples within seconds thanks to powerful 1000 W drive
  • Boost function with 14.000 rpm facilitates size reduction of fibrous and sticky samples
  • 8 Standard Operating Procedures and 4 program sequencesn can be stored
  • Direct access to MyRETSCH web portal with product- and application-specific information

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  • particle size analysis
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