FAST picker TP80: the world’s fastest Picker for sorting and packaging

The latest variants of FAST picker TP80 open the door to new automation concepts

The FAST picker TP80 robot series is available as standard version and as latest variant as HE version for the use in food industry. With a pick rate of more than 200 per minute, the FAST picker TP80 is the first choice for high-speed packaging applications.

The lastest variants of this four-axis machine can also be used for sensitive processes in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Thanks to this new design specifications, there are no limits to the possible deployments for this robot. From now on, this picker can be configured to meet the most stringent hygiene requirements and even to be used in the sorting and packaging of unwrapped food.
Customers selecting the HE and H1 features from the long list of options available have the ideal high-speed robot for demanding applications in the food industry. HE stands for “Humid Environment” and identifies models that have been especially modified for use in damp conditions or where water is either sprayed or splashed. They are perfect for scenarios in which the most exacting hygienic standards apply, requiring the robots to withstand daily cleaning processes with aqueous media.
In the combinable H1 option, food-compatible lubricant is used. The special advantage of this is that, by contrast with competing products in which the use of NSF H1 grade oils limits the scope for use, the TP80 is able to operate with unimpaired performance. In the version that combines HE capability with food-safe Lubricant, the FAST Picker meets exacting customer requirements in the fields of pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs.
Also of great interest is the recently added variant with a 200mm quill. So far, the maximum Z-stroke of the TP80 was 100 millimeters, which restricted its usefulness for a range of packaging applications. That problem has now been solved: with immediate effect, the FAST Picker can be ordered with an optional 200mm quill. Meanwhile, other performance data is unaffected. The work envelope for all variants is a remarkable 800 millimeters.
General Division Manager Stäubli Robotics, Gerald Vogt: “With these options, the Fast Picker now permits the realization of new automation concepts. Sorting and packaging processes can be made more efficient, compact, productive and economical. With the kinematics of the TP80, pioneering food and pharmaceutical production systems can at last be implemented without restrictions."

Technical characteristics FAST picker TP80 HE:

Maximum load: 1 kg
Nominal load: 0,5 kg
Reach: 800 mm, work envelope: 1.600 mm
Number of degrees of freedom: 4
Repeatability - ISO 9283: +/- 0,05 mm
Weight: 68 kg
Stäubli controller: CS8

The FAST picker TP80 HE, world's only clean picker robot, delivers up to 200 picks per minute, is designed for lightweight handling operations, decoration and packaging in sensitive environments requiring bacteria cleaning protocols.

Main benefits:
- Easy and efficient robot integration
- Unique robot design for compact cell concepts
- Consistent high performance with H1 food oil
- Designed for high demanding conveyor tracking tasks
- Online traceability in smart production lines

Electrical and pneumatic connection protected environment:
- all pneumatic and electrical supplies routed through the arm
- all connections are completely removed from the sensitive area

Robot resistant to pH 4.5 - 8.5 environment:
- Foaming and rinsing indentical to the rest of the line
- Compatible with the most cleaning and desinfection solutions
- Reduced cleaning time

Simple Attachment:
- No visible screws
- No supporting framework above the products
- Unique mounting options reduces cell size, especially on multi robot lines
- Multiple mounting configurations away from the sensitive pick area

Smooth rounded surface:
- Smooth surface with rounded edges
- No liquid retention area that accelerates corrosion

Hygienic Design:
- Designed in compliance with EHEDG food recommendations and requirements of food industry

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