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MPA II - the FT-NIR spectrometer for a rapid analysis of foodstuffs

Quality control of raw materials, intermediate and finished products without sample preparation

In combination with the Liquid Sampling Module (LSM) the MPA II is ideal for the analysis of milk, liquid milk drinks and other beverages.

Liquid samples like oils can be measured temperature controlled in the sample compartment.

Solid and semi-solid samples are analyzed on the integrating sphere using a sample rotator for reproducible results.

Analysis of meat as an example; further applications are dairy products, seeds, flour & milling products, dry ingredients or condiments.

Quality control of food products

Questions and concerns regarding food quality are endless, and the demand for easy-to-use tools to monitor and ensure the integrity of foodstuffs is growing around the world. FT-NIR is a powerful and effective technology for control of raw materials, intermediates and finished products.

Common tasks in food processing are:

  • Identification of raw materials
  • Conformity testing
  • Composition analysis

Advantages of FT-NIR spectroscopy

In contrast to most wet-chemistry and other reference methods the FT-NIR technology is quick, cost-effective, non-destructive and safe, since it does not use chemicals, solvents or gases. It simply measures the absorption of near-infrared light of the sample at different wavelengths recording molecular vibrations of all molecules containing C-H, N-H or O-H groups. By this NIR spectroscopy is the first choice for the analysis of all kind of organic materials, making it ideal for a wide variety of foodstuffs.

The key benefits of FT-NIR spectroscopy are:

  • non-destrictive analysis
  • no sample preparation, no waste
  • no special skills required, easy sample presentation
  • no typical errors of classical lab methods
  • analysis of multiple components in less than one minute
  • suitable for any solid, semi-solid or liquid sample

MPA II - FT-NIR in a new light

The MPA II is the result of more than 40 years of experience in the engineering and production of FT-IR and FT-NIR spectrometers. It is a powerful tool for developing sophisticated calibration methods for your laboratory or process needs, yet an easy to use and robust QA/QC instrument for routine work. With its modular technology, it can be configured individually for each analytical task.
It covers a wide range of food applications including dairy, oil and meat but also flour & milling, confectionary, condiments and beverages. Dedicated sampling accessories are available for any type of liquid, powdered, semi-solid or solid sample. Any person in production or in the lab is able to perform an analysis, since there is no sample preparation necessary.  The fast measurement and the simultaneous determination of multiple parameters allow analyzing much more samples in a given time, leading to a better quality product at lower cost.

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