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All-In-One Solid Matter Processing

The RedUnit system combinations for turning solid matter into pumpable media

RedUnit with a grinder XRipper and a control system "plug-and-play"

RedUnit with its control system

Grinder XRipper

The RedUnit is Vogelsangʼs answer for any process that requires the shredding and pumping of rough media, preferably in one step. A variable system individually put together to exactly match the client’s demands, which Vogelsang has developed especially fort the toughest applications in the industry. With the help of a RedUnit, dry solids of a high volume are either roughly shredded or finely ground – depending on the respective demand – to then be easily treated for further uses.

The RedUnit is a complete system so there is no need for additional pumps or screw conveyors between the different shredding stages. This leads to lower electricity consumption. Vogelsang uses the most advanced sealing technology in their products: the Quality Cartridge. Thanks to its unique construction, it incorporates all seal components, thus ensuring that all elements are replaced when the cartridge is changed.

The RedUnit includes an intelligent control system, developed by Vogelsang. Thanks to this, the equipment can be installed in any plant by simply connecting an energy cable. All components of the RedUnit can be visualized on a touchscreen with their technical features, which can be easily set up in accordance with the needs of each application.

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