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Determine Transmission Color and Haze Simultaneously in Next to No Time

New spectrophotometer for measuring transparent and translucent food samples

The compact benchtop spectrophotometer Vista, measuring only 49 cm x 23 cm (width x depth). Integrated high-resolution color touchscreen for convenient and easy operation.

Large and easily accessible sample compartment

Analysis of liquids

Analysis of solids

Analysis of preforms

HunterLab’s new Vista® spectrophotometer is a multi-function instrument for food testing labs wanting to capture visible-range transmission color and haze simultaneously, enabling them to determine transmittance, color and haze values easier and at little cost. Vista measures transparent and translucent liquids and solids in less than 5 seconds and meets all the requirements for standard-compliant quality assurance in the lab. It also has a smaller footprint and is more cost efficient than conventional spectrophotometers.

Compliant with standards

Vista gives your color measurements of both liquids and solids excellent precision and accuracy and better reproducibility. The benchtop device contains almost every transmission color and haze scale and index in use, including Pt-Co/Hazen/APHA, Gardner Color, Haze %, Opalescence, Y Total Transmission, CIE Spectral Data. Color and spectral values ​​can be determined in accordance with DIN, ASTM, CIE and JIS standards, as well as haze exactly according to ASTM D1003.

Faster measurement, calibration and sample adjustment

Vista reduces the time needed to measure color and haze to less than 5 seconds. Magnetic sample holders ensure that new samples are positioned quickly and correctly. There is also no cumbersome and time-consuming calibration with multiple color discs when using the Vista. Simply place the sample, press the button, read the result on the display, and repeat. Done!

Extremely easy to operate

The high-quality dual-beam Vista instrument does not need a connected computer. It can be easily controlled via the integrated color touchscreen. All measurements and standardizations require just a single touch. Clear operating functions ensure quick familiarization and a high level of convenience. If multiple devices are in use, configurations can be conveniently transferred from one device to the next.

Compact, robust and versatile

With its small footprint, the Vista is only half the size of many other spectrophotometers. This makes it particularly suitable for use within fume hoods. Dirt, dust and liquids are kept out, the high-quality optical components protected to guarantee long-term stability. The well-dimensioned transmission shaft allows food samples to be determined. If necessary, the flap of the shaft can be removed.

Typical applications of the Vista

Food testing: water, milk, fruit juice, smoothies, protein drinks, lemonade, soft drinks, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages and energy drinks, syrups, edible oil, food colorants

The Vista spectrophotometer lets you measure color and haze simultaneously with a single instrument – and all this starting from only 11.900 EUR. Contact us to test the Vista for your own application.


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