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Non-Contact Color Measurement of Large, Irregularly Shaped Food Samples within Seconds

Reproducible and automated measurement of transmission color
the way your eye sees it

HunterLab's new Aeros® is a spectrophotometer for non-contact spectral color measurement of large, irregularly shaped food samples. In a matter of seconds it reproduces human color perception according to the CIE standard valence system in an absolutely reliable, safe and reproducible way. This makes Aeros the ideal companion for quality assurance. Thanks to its robust design, the spectrophotometer is particularly suitable for routine production and demanding food industry environments.

Robust, accurate and versatile

Aeros is designed to be extremely robust: dirt, dust and liquids are kept out, the high-quality optical components protected to guarantee long-term stability. Directly examine samples such as cereals or sauces in the food industry to determine their color in different sample containers without contacting them.

Auto height positioning

The Aeros spectrophotometer has an integrated laser distance sensor. For a sample with a different height, the sensor automatically compensates for this by adjusting the distance. Five measurements per second are performed while the sample rotates below the sensor. During a full rotation of the sample platform, an average of 25 measurements is taken. This is a decisive advantage, especially when examining inhomogeneous food samples.

Integrated QC software

The included software directly evaluates the required spectral values ​​and indices. The easy-to-use and high-resolution color touchscreen displays tolerances, working standards and deviations. This means that chromaticity, color space and trends can be visualized and individually configured at the press of a button. The results can be passed on directly by e-mail, transferred into existing laboratory networks, saved on an external medium via the USB interface or printed out.

Typical applications of the spectrophotometer Aeros in the food industry

Test cornflakes, oat flakes, cereals, potato crisps, peanuts, crackers, pastries, powders, grains, pastes, sauces, dressings, ...

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  • food analytics

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  • quality assurance

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