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Traceable Viscosity Measurements for Reliable Quality Control

Automatic System Checks and Correct Alignment Ensure Excellent Results

ViscoQC 100 - L and ViscoQC 300 - H


Magnetic Coupling


ViscoQC 300 with bar code scanner

Fit for your application in the food industry
The measurement of viscosity is crucial in quality control to ensure proper consistency and constant properties of products from batch to batch. This proper consistency of the products even affects our daily lives: From the yogurt that you eat with a spoon, to ketchup that you squeeze out of its tube, to honey that you spread on your bread, and more. Whereas the rotational viscometer ViscoQC 100 is ideally suited for quick single-point dynamic viscosity checks, the rotational viscometer ViscoQC 300 delivers fully traceable multi-point viscosity results right at your fingertips and is even upgradeable with additional analysis and/or compliance software (21 CFR Part 11) for your future needs.

Digital viscometers up for immediate start-up right out of the box
Unpack and measure with Anton Paar's ViscoQC 100/300 right away as both rotational viscometers are already assembled when delivered. An intuitive alignment check is performed by the built-in digital leveling which ensures that ViscoQC 100/300 is always at the correct position. The spindle set (4 L or 6 RH) made of stainless steel (AISI 316L) for improved chemical resistance and prolonged spindle lifetime is included in every standard delivery.

Fast and simple setup to reach fully traceable viscosity quality control
The unique built-in magnetic coupling enables you to easily attach/exchange spindles for each measurement. Automatic spindle detection via Toolmaster™    prevents manual spindle selection errors. It is even documented for each measurement whether a spindle guard was attached or not. The 2D bar code scanner for ViscoQC 300 ensures easy input of the sample data. Further, an external keypad and/or a mouse can be connected to ViscoQC 300 for simplified daily work.

Designed to get outstanding results in rotational viscometry
ViscoQC 100/300 is equipped with an automatic speed searching function (TruMode™   ) that automatically finds the best speed to measure unknown samples. ViscoQC 100 has an intuitive user interface with predefined measurement modes on a 3.5" color LCD display. It does not store any measurement data, therefore data can be directly printed/exported after the measurement with an optional DYMO® LabelWriter™    or the free data collection software V-Collect. ViscoQC 300 features an intuitive user interface on a 7" color touchscreen with predefined methods. As ViscoQC 300 has an internal data memory, data can be easily exported/printed afterwards. You can even improve your data processing further by integrating ViscoQC 300 into your network with the LIMS Bridge software.

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