Dry Compressing Vacuum Pump for the Food Industry

Extremely robust, with lowest noise level and in a compact design

​In food processing, e.g. vacuum tumbling, massaging or freeze drying, customers can rely on the innovative dry running vacuum products of Leybold

Dry compressing vacuum pumps are pumps in which no lubricant comes into contact with the medium to be pumped and thus the vacuum generated cannot be contaminated by hydrocarbons.

The dry compressing screw vacuum pump DRYVAC FP was especially developed to meet the demands of the food industry.


  • Robust dry compressing, screw-type vacuum pump
  • Water cooled
  • Lowest noise level
  • Compact design
  • Highest pumping speed from atmosphere down to process pressures
  • Easy system integration
  • Modified design to minimize water retention points and reach better hygienic standard
  • Stainless steel protection housing version available
  • vakuum packaging

  • vacuum pumps

  • dry running vacuum pumps

  • screw vacuum pumps

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