Analyse Inconsistent Food Samples in Less Than 5 Seconds

Low-Maintenance, Compact NIR Spectrometer with an Extension for Rotating Sample Dishes

HiperScan's Finder SD Rotator lets you analyse inconsistent samples such as grain, meat, bakery or dairy products with minimal sample preparation effort. This new near-infrared spectrometer, with its spectral range of 1,000 to 1,900 nm, combines the advantages of the Finder SD spectrometer with an attached extension for rotating sample dishes (e.g. Petri dishes). This makes it possible to obtain fast, representative and reproducible analysis results even for heterogeneous samples.

The Finder SD Rotator is ideally suited for non-destructive quantitative and qualitative analysis of organic materials using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). The most common application in food or feed production is quantifying ingredients such as fat, protein or water. Another key application is the qualification or identification of raw materials in incoming goods inspections. The NIR spectrometer is also suitable for intermediate and semi-finished products.

Flexible NIR spectrometry for food manufacturers

The IP65-certified housing of the Finder SD Rotator NIR spectrometer can be used not only in the lab but also in the warehouse for incoming goods or in production, thereby reducing analysis time to a minimum. The optics’ thermal stabilisation, a stabilised light source and the device’s internal reference standards guarantee reliable results every time.

The use of the patented Fraunhofer MEMS scanning grating technology allows existing calibrations to be easily transferred between multiple instruments. For various industries and products, HiperScan has already developed basic calibrations that can be used. For any new applications, we are happy to take on the development of further calibrations – all you need to do is contact us.

Alternatively, a powerful software solution is available from SensoLogic for developing your own quantitative or qualitative calibrations. New applications can easily be used with the Finder SD Rotator via a standardised interface.

The advantages of the Finder SD Rotator at a glance

  • Analysis results within a few seconds
  • Compact unit size (225 mm x 271 mm x 460 mm)
  • Rotating sample dishes with a diameter of 94 mm
  • Patented Fraunhofer MEMS scanning grating technology
  • Thermally stabilised
  • Integrated, stabilised tungsten-halogen light source
  • Easy to clean, no cross-contamination
  • User-friendly application software
  • Robust design, IP65-certified
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