Fat, Protein and Dry Matter Contents in Milk and Dairy Products in Few Seconds

Simple and Reliable Determination of Product Properties in Few Seconds

The innovative MRS-Technology is the basis of the measurement of product parameters by LUMiFlector. This technology determines the sample composition from sample specific optical properties.

MRS-Technology represents Multi Reflectance Spectroscopy. Light of different wavelengths is send into the sample. After interaction with scattering, reflecting and flueorescing components the returned light is collected at different angles and further processed. More than 100 measuring signals are recorded, from which LUM performs the optimum calibration for your application.
This tailor-made calibration is specific for your product. At any time extensions for new products easily can be made.

Due to MRS-Technology the LUMiFlector operation is extremly flexible and fast. An easy handling is given.

Inline LUMiFlector is directly connceted with the pipe. The light is sent through a protection window into the flowing product, there is no direct sample contact nor contamination.

The lab version of the LUMiFlector is placed either at-line directly besides the production line or in the QA/QC lab.

Further application fields for LUMiFlector include pharmaceutical products, medical nutrition and biotechnology.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Inline and lab version with identical technical setup
  • Fast and reliable dtermination of product parameters
  • Measurement in less than 20 sec
  • Easy adaptation and extension to your product parameters
  • Very easy handling
  • No chemicals required
  • No sample preparation.
  • spectroscopy

  • fat content measurement

  • protein content measurement

  • dairy analysis

  • fat analyzers

  • dry matter content

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