Determine Protein Content in Just 2 Minutes and Save Contracting an External Lab

Simple, direct, safe – even staff with no special training will get you fast & reliable results

Intervene quickly in your production process instead of waiting for the contract lab

The Sprint™ protein analyser enables food and nutritional supplement manufacturers to determine the protein content of their products themselves - even in basically equipped laboratories and with employees that learn on the job. There’s no need to wait days or weeks for the results of your contract lab. Just determine the protein content on-site and get accurate results within only 2 minutes. This lets you intervene in your production processes at any time, should your protein content lie outside your specification range.

The user-friendly and hazard-free alternative to the Kjeldahl method

The traditional Kjeldahl method is unsuitable for most laboratories. It requires skilled personnel, corrosive chemicals, heat – and poses significant risks to the safety of your staff. Sprint™, on the other hand, is so simple and safe that it can be operated by staff members that are not specially trained. It requires no hazardous substances. Samples and consumables can be disposed of easily and the device cleans itself. There’s no need to program anything - simply start the default method.

Direct protein determination instead of error-prone nitrogen measurement

Protein content determination is performed using a unique, patented procedure based on a proven and recognised biochemical colour reaction. As a consequence, only the true protein content is measured, regardless of other nitrogen-containing additives that could distort the result. Sprint™ generates the same results as Kjeldahl but is less prone to error, displaying the protein content with much greater precision and with two decimal places. It is confirmed by validation of all sample materials according to AACC and AOAC.

Ideal for the following applications

  • Dairy Products
  • Sausage and meat products
  • Brewery and cereal products
  • Food supplements
  • Animal feed etc.
  • protein analysis

  • protein content measurement

  • protein analyzers

  • protein content

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