UVC Systems for Effective 360° Surface Disinfection - Chemical-Free, Energy-Saving, Environmentally Friendly

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

provides 360° disinfection of slicer bars, transport boxes and packed goods


The surface becomes dry and disinfected, without chemicals or heat impact.


can be integrated into an existing production line

Eliminate 99.999% of microorganisms with innovative UV continuous flow disinfection

The hygienic design of the continuous flow disinfection system with split technology allows complete UV irradiation from all sides, thus effectively eliminating up to 99.999% of unwanted microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, yeasts and mould.

Treatmentsurfaces are disinfected dry, without chemicals and heat -UVC disinfection is based on pure physical action.

UV disinfection takes place in an automatic cycle. This means that it can be integrated into an existing production line without additional work steps. Each UV system is individually calculated, designed and manufactured according to customer requirements. The particularly smooth running conveyor belt is optimally adapted to the special requirements due to the variable design of the belt length andbelt speed.

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    STERILSYSTEMS beyond question ranges among the pioneers in the development of UV-C solutions. 25 years of experience in the air and surface sterilisation, with the potable water disinfection and odour neutralisation have made us a reliable partner. In the food industry or the air-condition ... more