The smart LIMS - User-friendly software solution for optimizing your laboratory processes

Laboratory information and management system with fully integrated ERP connection

iLIMS is a configurable laboratory software with which all processes in the laboratory can be managed, from the preparation of quotations, sample preparation and analysis to the presentation of results and invoicing.
Without any programming knowledge, masks can be adapted user-specifically, processes can be mapped customer-specifically using workflows and reports can be individually created based on the data model. A separate QM module with skill management and audit trail as well as conformity with GxP and FDA allow the use in a regulated environment. The role-based user and rights management additionally ensures the necessary security and transparency in the laboratory. iLIMS includes its own, fully integrated ERP with CRM, purchasing, sales, materials management, project management and accounting. The laboratory software thus offers contract laboratories a complete solution without media discontinuity. For operations and research laboratories, iLIMS has interfaces to various other ERP systems and its own capacity planning.

Preconfigured industry solutions for the food & beverage industry, water & environmental laboratories, pharmaceutical & biotechnology as well as material & material laboratories, among others, enable short project durations and generate a high user benefit.

  • quality management

  • capacity planning

  • sample management

  • laboratory information management systems

  • laboratory data management

  • electronic laboratory journals

  • test equipment management

  • chemicals management

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    INTEGRIS LIMS GmbH (iLIMS) is an owner-managed software company. With more than 15 years of experience in software development, the LIMS provider focuses on the development and marketing of innovative solutions for laboratories and advises customers on the introduction and individual config ... more