In-Process Analysis & Disinfection Control with RQflex® 20 Reflectometer – Mobile, Precise & Reliable

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Ascorbic acid test - rapid & quantitative detection of vitamin C content in raw materials


Sugar (Glucose) Test - check whether your filling line for production of diet drinks is sugar free within minutes


Small and easy to use for on-the-spot analysis

Barcoded test strips with batch specific calibration and over 100 applications

The Reflectoquant® system is an economical mobile laboratory to perform critical analyses in the fields of agriculture, food, beverages, or water analysis, as well as during disinfection control.

The combination of high quality test strips and the new portable, easy-to-use RQflex® 20 reflectometer allows for great flexibility. Monitor your processes at each stage of production; for example, raw material and in-process analysis.

A broad range of Reflectoquant® test strips and applications allows you to analyze over 20 different parameters in various fields of application and the batch specific barcode calibration leads to  accurate and reproducible results.

See the features and technical data of the RQflex® 20 and download the brochure.

Test Vitamin C in Food & Beverages:

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is an essential characteristic of many foods and drinks. Its depletion should be monitored as it implies a deterioration of quality and taste. See our Reflectoquant® Ascorbic Acid Test application note for over 15 sample materials.

Disinfection Control:

0.1% peracetic acid is enough to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and even spores in the shortest possible time. Therefor it is used for cold septic disinfection of beverage bottles, for example. See how our mobile Reflectoquant® system offers efficient solutions for on-site analysis.

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  • water analysis

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