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Checkweigher Flexus® - Hygienic design meets flexibility and maximum performance

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

The ideal solution every time configure Flexus® for your application


Safety and reliability thanks to EMFC load cell technology


Easy to combine with metal detection technology Vistus®

Hygienic design for easy cleaning and the highest level of quality in your production operations

The checkweigher Flexus® is your solution for ensuring optimum product quality, regardless of whether you want to check the weight and/or integrity of your product or optimise your filling processes.

It is easy to integrate into your production environment. Changes to line configurations and quick transitions between products are handled quickly and easily. The high-resolution EMFC load cell technology and a tailored design guarantee precise weighing results and a high throughput of up to 600 pieces per minute.

The Checkweigher Flexus® has been specially developed to comply with guidelines and standards such as IFS and BRC. It is approved for use in legal metrology for FPV (German Prepackages Act) checks, and is MID-compliant in accordance with OIML R51.

Thanks to its intelligent, modular construction and hygienic design, the Flexus® can be configured to suit your individual requirements, providing you with the ideal solution for any challenge you face.

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