Flexible Automation of Raw Materials - Reliability and Accuracy for Your Production

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

High and constant adherence to the recipe


Fast recipe changes thanks to easy-to-clean systems


Contamination-free systems with a high standard of hygiene

Batch and small quantity automation in food production

Manual weighing is useful when small quantities cannot be fully automated due to their consistency (physical properties) or their production requirements (quantity and frequency). But it is precisely these small quantities that have a decisive influence on the recipe and must therefore not be fed into the processing process in an uncontrolled and undocumented manner.

The operator-guided, manual weighing center ManDos enables exact weighing with computer-aided operator guidance as well as seamless batch tracking.

With an increasing number of components and batches, automatic batch preparation with the AZO COMPONENTER®Step makes sense.

The system enables the weighing of minor and micro components, such as flavors, baking agents, emulsifiers, colorings and other ingredients, to the gram. It improves product safety while increasing efficiency in production by minimizing manual work steps.

Depending on the size, quantity, properties and frequency of the raw materials used, the required dosing and weighing accuracy as well as the batch size, other systems are available, from the AZO COPMONENTER® and AZO ShuttleDos® in various designs to the robot-based AZO RoLog®.

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