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Recipe management for batch processes

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Integrated material management with complete batch tracking in real time


Fully integrated process control with order and batch-related event logging


Order, recipe, storage and material management

Central process control system for controlling and monitoring recipe-controlled batch processes

Plant Batch iT is the central process control system for controlling and monitoring recipe-controlled batch processes. It is the ideal automation solution when the efficient simultaneous processing of a large number of production orders for different products in a plant has to be mastered reliably.

For this purpose, current standards such as ISA-88 have been consistently and practically implemented. Plant Batch iT records all order and batch-relevant data and summarizes them in an electronic batch record (EBR = Electronic Batch Record). The batch record contains all relevant header data of the production order to which the respective batch belongs. It also shows a detailed image of all data in the form in which it was displayed in the batch list at the time when the batch was correctly completed or terminated.  The batch record is supplemented by step logs of the phase controller (internal operations), graphical views of order-related production data, order-related message lists and measured value curves as well as material movements.

The batch records are available online for a freely definable time period, but can also be exported and archived.

  • batch processes

  • recipe management

  • order management

  • recipe management

  • storage management

  • material management

  • process control

  • process control systems

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