Full confidence in your analysis of food and raw materials

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Reliable results ensuring consistent final products


Versatile for routine tests in the laboratory or in production


Smart Data Management - Manage and apply data with efficiency and ease

Unsurpassed, rapid analysis of protein, ash and moisture to help you boost your yield

The NIRS DS2500 food analyser enables you to handle the variations in raw material supplies with confidence, optimise margins through better process control and ensure correct final product quality. Get the necessary data to manage, adjust and optimise your daily food operations with the lowest possible downtime. The NIRS DS2500 is easy to use and provides fast results in less than a minute, allowing you to act fast on important decisions. No use of chemicals ensures safe operations. Connect and manage multiple instruments using FossManagerTM networking software, structure and monitor data flows with intelligent software features and integrate with other systems using standard export/import functions or advanced API solutions.

  • grain analysis

  • feed analysis

  • food analysis

  • NIR analysis systems

  • NIR analysis

  • NIR spectrometers

  • NIR spectroscopy

  • grain analyzers

  • feed analyzers

  • food analyzers

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Full confidence in your analysis of food and raw materials

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