amixon Conical mixer AM

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Ideal mixing qualities with different filling levels from 5 – 100%


Exemplary inspection possibilities with the help of Clever-Cut inspection doors


Due to the conical design, the bulk goods are discharged without segregation: up to 99.99%

Ideal mixing qualities, short mixing times, variable filling levels

The mixing container of the amixon® cone mixer is designed as an upright cone with a cylinder on the top. The SinConvex mixing tool rotates in the centre of the mixing chamber and generates a three dimensional flow of the materials. The helical blade gathers the mixtures at the periphery of the mixing chamber and transports them upwards.
Once it reaches the top, the mixture flows downwards in the centre of the container. Dry, moist or suspended materials are ideally mixed in the form of a classic thrust flow at a slow rotational speed, irrespective of different particle sizes, bulk densities and flow properties.
On account of the flow without dead spaces, technically ideal mixing qualities are achieved after about 70 to 200 revolutions of the mixing device. These mixtures can practically not be improved anymore. The major success factors are ideal mixing qualities with different filling levels from 5 – 100%, particularly high degrees of discharge up to 99.99% and exemplary inspection possibilities.

Addtionally, amixon mixers conform to the specifications of the EHEDG and the FDA.

  • powder processing

  • mixing

  • powder mixing

  • batch mixers

  • cone mixers

  • powder mixers

  • precision mixers

  • hygienic mixers

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