CIP units for cleaning of plants

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hygienic plant cleaning


full plant control system


customized plant design

Cleaning-in-place for an efficient and hygienic cleaning of process sytems

At the end of each production run or after a product change, plants must be quickly ready for the next process step. This includes efficient and hygienic cleaning of the process equipment and of individual plant components.

CIP plants offer a cleaning process in a closed system. Depending on the product manufactured, different media such as water, acid and caustic are used for the cleaning process in successive cleaning steps. Cleaning cycles should be as short as possible, and consumption of water and cleaning agents as low as possible. Ruland CIP plants are designed accordingly.

The plant control system logs all process parameters and sequences. Ruland builds the cleaning plants in classic or compact design. CIP and SIP modules can be designed as centralized or decentralized cleaning systems and as mobile CIP systems. The Whirlwind process is another type of cleaning technology for clearing and cleaning pipelines and plant components.

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