Get the most out of your lab with the new workhorse in dairy analysis and quality control!

The Top 3 Advantages

Analysis of the most important parameters such as fat, protein and dry matter in seconds


FT-NIR is a certified method according to current ISO 21543 | IDF 201 guidelines


Applicable for all types of dairy products and corresponding plant-based alternatives

The MPA II Dairy Analyzer sets a new QC standard – compliant to “ISO 21543 | IDF 201”

With MPA II Dairy Analyzer, the complete range of dairy products can be quality controlled, from the incoming raw milk to the finished product like cheese, yoghurt, or butter. So you no longer have to invest in two technologies: FT-IR for liquid dairy products and NIR for solids. A single system with an easy-to-use software platform means less training, fewer problems, and faster and more reliable results.

The fully integrated analyzer consists of the proven MPA II spectrometer and the new LSM II, which provides automated sampling and homogenization (if required) for the analysis of raw milk and various liquid dairy products, as well as plant-based beverages in transmission. For the measurement of solid samples like cheese, butter, or milk powders, in reflection, no sample preparation is necessary. The material is simply filled into a sample cup.

This makes the MPA II Dairy Analyzer a powerful tool that will take its permanent place in the laboratories of the dairy industry.

  • beverage analysis

  • fat determination

  • food analysis

  • milk analysis

  • protein determination

  • dairy products

  • moisture determination

  • plant-based products

  • food analyzers

  • FT-NIR spectrometers

  • NIR spectrometers

  • spectrometers

  • milk analyzers

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