Food Safety X-ray Inspection

The Top 3 Advantages

Foreign object detection


Food safety


Product quality

High tech, cost effective, easy to use solutions

Thermo Scientific food X-ray inspection systems find metallic and non-metallic foreign objects. Systems range from the affordable, entry-level Thermo Scientific NextGuard to special-use solutions for bulk products and a wide range of packages: tall profile, bulk, flat and large. Contact us for a demo or a product test. An application-specific solution can keep consumers safe and protect your brand.

  • x-ray inspection

  • foreign body detection

  • Meat

  • poultry

  • produce confectionery

  • seafood

  • snack foods

  • tree nuts

  • Dairy

  • food safety

  • X-ray inspection systems

  • foreign object detectors

  • Product inspection

  • end of line

  • packaged products

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