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To help you quickly find the solutions you need, we’ve created a new, easy-to-navigate catalog. Organized by product category of workflow, we make sure you can pinpoint the right products for you:

Spectroquant photometry systems with test kits and accessories. RQflex 20 reflectometer and test strips - for quick quantitative measurements. MQuant test strips and readers for pH and many other parameters. MQuant colorimetric and titrimetric test kits – for quick semi-quantitative analysis.

To make your food and beverage analysis simpler, faster and more successful, we provide you a broad range of test kits and applications. See some highlights here:

Easy in-process control of e.g. sugar, ascorbic acid or disinfectant residues. Preprogrammed Brewery Methods of MEBAK, EBC and ASBC on our spectrophotometers. Special applications for testing the quality of palm oil, olive oil, or sugar (ICUMSA). Broad range of color determinations.

  • beverage analysis

  • dairy analysis

  • disinfection control

  • in-process control

  • process water analysis

  • raw and drinking water analysis

  • waste water analysis

  • photometers

  • spectrophotometers

  • test strips

  • pH strips

  • photometric test kits

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