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Linear cup filler with new ultraclean hygiene concept for the dairy industry

Without complex hygienic aseptic technology a hygiene level is achieved that meets the highest requirements for ultraclean cup filling machines.


GRUNWALD-FOODLINER 20.000 UC (ultraclean) Linear cup filler with new ultraclean hygiene concept for the dairy industry


View into the linear cup filler and the newly designed hygiene tunnel with minimisation of parts


The view of the tunnel clearly shows the newly designed hygiene zone – the tunnel is clean!


Guaranteed production reliability – “foreign body protection“: in the range of open cups there are no small parts such as e. g. overhead mounted screws

The new hygiene concept developed by GRUNWALD sets new standards in terms of hygiene.

This overall concept on the basis of this efficient and flexible inline machine GRUNWALD-FOODLINER 20.000 UC guarantees a sterilisation rate of at least log4 without using peroxide. This applies to all standard cup sizes and for the maximum production speed. Maximum production speed means production outputs of up to 25,000 cups/h in a format flexible production. When handling just one cup size a production speed of up to 50,000 cups/h can be achieved.

Maximum hygiene standard at the maximum production speed

The maximum hygiene standard at the maximum production speed can only be achieved with a very format flexible inline machine if various technology components result in a “smooth“ overall concept due to the optimum combination of assembly groups, design know-how and innovative technology. The new GRUNWALD hygiene concept is the result of the combination of the following technical developments and innovations:

  • Double pulsed light high-performance UV(C) cup sterilisation with a guaranteed sterilisation rate of at least LOG 4 for all standard cup sizes of the dairy industry, partially ≥ LOG 5, at the maximum cycle speed – evaluated by the Fraunhofer Institut, as per first quarter of 2016, the reference germ is aspergillus niger DSM1957
  • Pulsed light high-performance UV(C) radiator for lid sterilisation - evaluated by the Fraunhofer Institut, as per first quarter of 2016
  • Pre-filler and main filler in aseptic design type “GRUNWALD-EASYCLEAN” – EHEDG-certified by the University of Weihenstephan (in accordance with guideline 89/392/EWG of the EC council for machinery for food products as well as DIN EN 1762-2, ISO 14159 and EHEDG guideline)
  • Laminar cabin, designed as semi-tunnel, clean room class 5, Hepa filter EN ISO 14644.

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