MeatMaster™ II - food analysis using X-ray from FOSS GmbH

The new MeatMaster II has the same renowned accuracy as the MeatMaster I, but is half the length of the original unit and thereby easier to integrate as an ‘in-line’ analyser in pro­duction plants. The MeatMaster II offers you a complete picture of all the meat trimmings passing through your production. With a ca­pacity of up to 38 tons per hour for analysis of raw meat, the MeatMaster can measure fat content, determine the weight and scan for foreign objects.

100% control with X-ray

X-ray scans 100% of the meat passing through the scanning area. X-ray can be used for scanning chilled or frozen raw meat and will give information about content of Fat, Weight and will detect foreign objects with a density higher than 1.7 g/cm3 (metal, bone, glass, etc.)

Central configuration, support and surveillance

Mosaic™ is a networking solution that remotely manages, configures and calibrates all your analytical instruments through the internet.

Further advantages:

Outstanding accuracy: Due to the X-ray technology, fat content is measured at an accuracy of 1% or better to meet the requirements of customers and supervisory authorities.

Simplification of control procedures:  Easy to integrate in-line in your production, the MeatMaster II provides continuous “real time” measurements to minimize labor costs and time for inspection of the cuts.

Improvement of production efficiency: Through a continuous production controlfor securing optimal raw material use and batches produced bang on to specifica­tions 

Sample: Any type of raw meat, chilled and frozen Packed or loose meat

Parameters: Fat, weight. Foreign object detection (metal, bone)

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