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FoodScan™ Meat Analyser

Improved efficiency and consistency in the meat industry


FoodScan™ Meat Analyser is a fast, accurate and easy to use instrument for analysing all stages of meat production - from checking incoming raw material to final product control. It is pre-calibrated to analyse all key parameters including fat analysis, moisture analysis, protein analysis, salt analysis and collagen analysis delivering results in just 50 seconds. The FoodScan is pre-calibrated with unique ANN calibrations that has received national approvals for the measurement of key quality parameters.

The rapid solution that has become a standard

The FoodScan is fast, accurate and straightforward to use. It allows a regular flow of results for key control param­eters – helping you to:

  • Optimise use of expensive raw materials
  • Make laboratory operations more time and cost effective
  • Improve production efficiency, for instance, by minimizing production stops
  • Build brand recognition through consistent quality products


FoodScan has set new standards in speed and analysis efficiency and today is used by more than a thousand meat producers around the world. Why?

  • Ready to use – it comes pre-calibrated
  • Versatile – one calibration for many products
  • Easy – Little or no sample preparation
  • Cost effective – no consumables used and low cost of operation
  • Network ready – local network or networked across sites
  • Non destructive – you can retest or use the sample for ad­ditional testing
  • Multiparameter – one analysis, multiple parameters


FoodScan™ – two dedicated solutions

Laboratory: FoodScan™ Lab helps you to optimise routine analysis by delivering accurate and fast results when you need them and where you need them – LIMS or customized reports. It is oper­ated from an external PC.

At line: Rugged and robust and operated with a built-in touch PC, FoodScan™ Pro is ideal for use right at the production line. Featuring an IP65 protection class enclosure.

Sample: Any type of ground or homogenized meat sample

Paramter: Fat, moisture, protein, collagen and salt. + other parameters such as ash, starch, pH, carbohydrates, etc. when special calibrations are developed

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