Get all the information you need to label in a single analysis

Reduce analysis costs and increase laboratory efficiency with FoodScan 2

Now the best is even better! The new FoodScan™ 2 provides you with all the information required in just one analysis.

Reduce cost of analysis and increase lab efficiency

Excellent transferability and instrument standardisation  will reduce your cost of reference analysis
from day one. With the introduction of colour measurement, which can be run at the same  time as
compositional analysis, a significant  increase in lab efficiency can be gained.
A major step forward in NIR transmission technology

Time to result is reduced by as much as 60% and with three subscans, an even larger share of  of the sample  is measured making  you less  dependent on sample preparation.

Ready-to-use calibrations –   also when introducing new product types

The intelligence and robustness of the ANN calibrations ensure you’re well equipped to deal with it all.
If you need to control parameters or products that are not covered by the ANN calibrations, we can
support you with the tools and competences required to make customised models.

Sample types:

Cheese, butter and spreads, fermented and cultured products (yoghurt, fresh and cream cheese as well as cream products) and any type of ground or homogenised meat sample


Fat, Moisture, Protein, Collagen, Saturated fat, Carbohydrates, Energy, Solids-non-fat, Total solids, Saturated fatty acids, Salt, Sodium, Water activity and Ash, plus Colour Measurement and Batch Standardisation functionality.

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