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For decades, FOSS has supported dairies and dairy laboratories with innovative analytical technologies. FOSS offers a unique range of system solutions based on indirect analysis methods and reference methods.

Purpose built FTIR unit for reliable analysis operations

Built on the well proven technology behind the widely used FTIR analyser - the MilkoScan FT120 - the MilkoScan FT1 provides a solid platform for liquid milk analysis. It allows you to control and standardise liquid dairy products while simultaneously screening for abnormalities. The analysis results can be used for payment, securing the safety of raw material, calculating the mass balance for standardizations purposes and verifying end products.

Instrument standardisation

MilkoScan FT1 instruments are standardised for high stability, for example, to give the same results regardless cuvette wear. Likewise, if a new cuvette is installed, only minor slope and intercept adjustments are required. Ready-made calibrations allow for the simultaneous analysis of major parameters in most raw, intermediate and finished dairy products. The calibrations are based on the extensive FOSS FTIR database built up over more than 15 years.

Protect against adulteration

Raw milk containing abnormalities is a growing problem. The abnormalities can be caused by deliberate adulteration, for example, with lard or melamine or by accidents if water or cleaning agents are mixed with the milk. With the MilkoScan FT1 you can screen incoming raw milk samples to identify a sus­pect raw milk sample quickly and as a normal part of everyday testing.

Further advantages:

Auto clean for flexible analysis: The automatic clean and zero module reduces operator time by allowing rapid single sample analysis with no time required for cleaning. The operator can just present the sample and leave after 30 seconds.

Simple to use software: Software is easy to learn and use and includes valuable time-saving features such as a control chart for monitoring instrument stability, an easy Slope & Intercept adjustment and a product specification control.

Parameters: Fat, Protein, Lactose, Total Solids, SnF, FPD, Total Acidity, Density, FFA, Citric Acids, Casein, Urea, Sucrose, Glucose, Fructose, Galactose

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