Take your feed analysis to the next level with NIR

NIRSTM DS2500 F Feed Analyser

With the FOSS NIRS™ DS2500, near infrared analysis has taken yetanother step towards ultimate performance. Combining exceptional accuracy across a broad wavelength range of 400to 2500 nm with full compatibility with all your existing and future FOSS solutions, this instrument brings the future ofnear infrared technology one step closer.  Designed for use in the laboratory or feed mill, the NIRS DS2500 is ideal for:

  • Routine control of intake for optimal use of raw materials
  • Routine production control for improved efficiency and economy
  • Final product monitoring on diverse control parameters

100% calibration compatibility

The NIRS DS2500 can be pre-calibrated with global data forthe most common feed types and ingredients and is also100% backwards compatible with FOSS NIRSystem™ II solutions, InfraXact™ and XDS™ instruments. Its compatibility makes it easy to leverage data from NIRSystem II, Inf-raXact and XDS units using straightforward migration pathswithout any loss of performance.

Unmatched optical performance

he NIRS™ DS2500 uses highly accurate optical NIR technol-ogy to give best-in-class performance across the full wave-length range of 400 to 2500 nm. Regardless of whether you are testing moisture, fat and protein or more demand-ing parameters such as amino acids, ash or fibers, the NIRS DS2500 delivers precision results in under a minute.

Factory standardized

It’s easy to get started using the NIRS DS2500 as every instrument that leaves the factory is hardware standardised.Light intensity, bandwidth and wavelength precision are thoroughly controlled in the final stages of production to ensurecomplete consistency between instruments

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