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Infratec(TM) NOVA

InfratecTM NOVA is the ‘best-in-class’ whole grain analyser using globally recognised near-infared transmittance technology to simultaneously test multiple parameters (moisture, protein, oil, starch, etc.) in a broad range of grain and oilseed commodities.

Offering unparalleled levels of speed and usability, Infratec TM NOVA can test grain at rates up to 20% faster than other NIR solutions. True networking and identical instruments reduce instrument management work required for consistent test results throughout grain receival networks. There are optional modules for flour analysis, test weight and flexible sample handling.

30% smaller. 20% faster. 100% connected.

The Infratec NOVA is lighter than the 1241, transportable and takes up less bench space. Intelligent handling of sub-samples with Dynamic Sub-sampling™ technology reduces analysis time up to 20% without loss of accuracy. True networking and calibration support reduces cost of calibration. Global infratec community of 11.000 Infratec units worldwide avoids claims because others are working from the same data.

Reduce errors with new and improved usability features

Large adjustable NovaTouch™ screen with intuitive user interface reducing training and operator errors. New and improved sample handling, making cleaning quick and easy.

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