Safe and accurate Kjeldahl distillation

Kjeltec™ 8000 series

The Kjeltec™ range offers a series of automated distillation units designed primarily for Kjeldahl analysis, but widely used for many different distillation chemistries.

Easier handling

Laboratory staff will be grateful for the proven reliability, ease of use and time saving facilities that make everyday opera­tions simpler, safer and more convenient. The Kjeltec™ 8000 series builds on the proven FOSS reputation for safe, high-performance instruments, with innovative features to make your laboratory operations even simpler.

Compass Software for reliable registration

With Compass PC software you can throw away those crum­pled notebooks. Kjeltec™ 8400 allows you to register samples and track results online for improved operations and trace­ability. You can also connect the instrument to your laboratory net­work. The PC software works perfectly with your LIMS system

Unmatched accuracy with colorimetric titration (Kjeltec™ 8400)

The Kjeltec™ 8400 offers you the FOSS designed colorimetric titration system for unmatched accuracy. The superior perfor­mance of a Kjeltec™ titration system is based on colorimetric measurement of a precise chemical reaction for end-point detection. Accuracy is assured time after time with the ad­ditional benefits of long-term stability, wide working range, speed and simplicity without the need for repeated and costly calibration procedures.

Colorimetric titration is often the preferred methodology when new standards are issued by organisations such as the AOAC, ISO, and IDF.

Further advantages:

  • Self adjusting cooling water, saves water and reduces costs
  • Variable output steam generator broadens application area to other volatile components
  • Upgradeable to 20 or 60 place auto sampler for fully unattended operation.

Sample: Raw materials and finished products in Food, Feed and Agriculture

Paramters: Nitrogen, Protein

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