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Fast And Accurate Quality Evaluation of Fruits Thanks to Smart Spectroscopy

Better sorting results, higher throughput

Ocean Optics

How long do you inspect an apple at the store before it ends up in your basket?
How much time is spent determining the apple’s quality before it makes it to the store?

Today’s consumers expect their food products to be high quality -- and consistently so. Fortunately, companies such as Ocean Optics are using advanced optical sensing tools and analytics to improve the quality of food for consumers and the quality of business for food processors and sorting machine manufacturers.

Traditionally, food sorting has been managed manually, relying on the expertise of workers to make some judgment of quality. The introduction of optical scanning and spectroscopy has added a much deeper level of understanding and analysis, with some instruments being able to see inside a fruit peel or determine exact fat or water content.

Ocean Optics has provided world-class spectroscopy tools to industrial customers for decades, and has much experience in traditional food analysis approaches. However, there are some new tools in the Ocean repertoire that are a complete game-changer: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. By fusing traditional spectroscopy with advanced statistical models and machine learning architecture, immediate benefits can be realized: for integrators seeking more advanced offerings, for processors wanting more efficient facilities, and for consumers wanting to be confident they are eating what they expect.

Facts, background information, dossiers
  • food analytics
  • food sorting
  • spectral sensing
  • spectroscopy
  • NIR spectroscopy
  • machine-learning
  • artificial intelligence
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