Protein Blends: Various Solutions for the Dairy Industry

Special combinations of different protein sources for maximum functionality

The MEGGLE Business Unit Food Ingredients develops, produces and sells, among other things, optimal solutions for the food processing industry in the Dairy segment. MTM® is the brand of MEGGLE’s milk protein blends. The special products of the MTM® range are combinations of different protein sources, such as WPC (Whey Protein Concentrate), MPC (Milk Protein Concentrate), Casein and Caseinate. Innovative manufacturing technologies, state-of-the-art production equipment and stable processes enable the realization of products with exceptional functionality. The MTM® products provide added value to features like high protein, syneresis, viscosity, stabilization, low-fat, taste & mouthfeel and clean label of course. The range includes various solutions with different protein contents from 30 % to 85 % with outstanding functionality. The white paper gives a deep insight into the features and benefits of MEGGLE's MTM® products and shows how final products can benefit from the enrichment provided by this protein blends.

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