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Frischpack offers individual packing and product solutions to suit every customer

“It's all about cheese" – the Frischpack company slogan perfectly sums up the expertise of this mid-tier company from Mailling near Rosenheim. The Southern German cheese service provider specializes in the processing of hard and semi-hard cheeses. The services on offer range from the purchasing of raw produce and the cutting of cheese blocks and wheels through to the distribution of the finished product under either the Frischpack or other manufacturer brand names. The customer is free to choose whether he would like to benefit from the entire range of services or simply select individual modules. Frischpack’s clientele comprises leading national and international dairies, cheese dairies, the wholesale trade industry and wholesale customers, as well as industrial customers and supermarket chains. All can rely on the most up-to-date technology, the highest standards of quality and hygiene, as well as sustainability in product processing and packaging. 

An ear to the packaging market
One of Frischpack’s core areas of expertise lies in its ability to provide individual packaging solutions in line with customer demands. Depending on the specific requirements, the products can be portioned into pack weights ranging from 30 grammes up to a mighty 10,000 grammes. The packaging formats available range from the classic flow pack and easy-to-open or resealable deep-drawn tray through to modern packaging solutions such as the pocket bag which cleverly combines the benefits of these traditional variants. Frischpack has its ear to the market, recognizes trends early on and puts them into action innovatively – thus supplying ideal solutions for the restaurant, supermarket and catering market.

Individual products for specific needs
Frischpack is also responsive to its customers’ individual needs when it comes to the product to be processed. The independent, mid-tier company was one of the first suppliers to cut cheese pieces in fixed weights from both cheese blocks and cheese wheels. The most modern machinery is used to process these pieces into popular shapes such as cheese slices, grated cheese, cheese cubes, sticks or portions. Customized solutions also are available such as baguette strips, triangular or round slices.

Sustainability in all areas
In addition to its high demands on quality, Frischpack’s corporate philosophy mirrors its belief in accepting responsibility for one’s own actions. It is for this reason that sustainable, environmentally-friendly cost-efficient working methods and social commitment are implicit along the entire process. This is visible not only in the conscious treatment of raw materials and the use of an energy and environmental management system certified in accordance with DIN ISO 50001 and DIN ISO 14001. These sustainability credentials are also clear to see in the packaging. By applying the latest technologies and continually introducing new innovations, Frischpack has been able to develop optimized solutions which produce less plastic waste and use thinner films to lower costs. All this benefits the customer and is increasingly becoming exactly what the consumer demands. Frischpack demonstrates its technological leadership with the successful implementation of a production data acquisition system. The digital network ensures increased productivity and improves the company’s competitive position.

Quality and customer satisfaction since 1972
The company, which was founded in 1972, has had its headquarters in Mailling near Rosenheim in Bavaria since the 90s. Around 300 specialists ensure quality and customer satisfaction on a daily basis and in 2015 generated a turnover of 150 million euros with a sales volume of over 45,000 tonnes of cheese. In addition to standard cheeses such as Emmental, Gouda, Edam or butter cheese, the product range also includes speciality cheeses such as Mozzarella, Alpine and smoked cheese, cheeses with spicy ingredients, organic cheese and reduced-fat varieties. The high demands on product quality are already clear in the selection of the raw produce. Practically all of the cheese varieties do not require any artificial colours and preservatives. All production sequences are subjected to regular audits – performed both by independent institutions and by customers. The company is certified in accordance with the IFS and BRC standards. Its organic and halal product certification rounds off its seals of quality. Due to its above-average growth, Frischpack was presented with the “BAYERNS BEST 50” business award last year. Since the end of 2015 the company has been working in co-operation with the company Wilmersburger to also supply vegan cheese alternatives, thus proving once again that it provides expertise in all things cheese related.

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